DIFtech is a manufacturer of automotive performance and racing products which made its humble start more than 10 years ago. Our commitment is to developing high quality performance parts solutions and delivering them with excellent customer service. With a broad range of in-house manufacturing capabilities, the majority of our parts are engineered and manufactured at our own California facility, and the remainder are only sourced from the highest quality suppliers. Since customers often have needs which we may not yet be aware of, we welcome suggestions for new products.
         DIFtech was founded by a pair of automotive enthusiasts working in the aftermarket retail business who were dis-satisfied with the solutions offered by other manufacturers.  Since then we’ve hired on and collaborated with ASE techs, suspension engineers, successful racers and aerospace manufacturing engineers to help grow our product line. We started out servicing the popular Nissan 240SX market by offering enthusiasts with quality alternatives that they could put their trust in. We have since taken what we learned in those early days and expanded to support a variety of other performance models including 86s, Zs, Miatas, and M3s.
         Our passion for motorsports has been a constant and has always driven us to create parts we know will perform even in extreme conditions. We use the components that we manufacture and so do our friends, so we do extensive testing to make them the best that they can be. We also keep our manufacturing close to home and sell direct to customers, so you know that your money goes into a quality part, and not into multiple layers of logistical markups. 
         DIFtech is looking to continually grow and improve, and hopefully reinvent the automotive performance aftermarket in the process. We hope that you will join us in making that happen. 



17872 Metzler Ln Suite D
Huntington Beach, CA 92647